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 Passionate and always looking for new challenges, I started studying drawing and painting in high school and went on to study communication design at Dong Suh University in Busan, Korea. In 1995, wanting to further my boundaries and search for more opportunities I left for New York. Still searching for what I could truly become passionate about, I applied and was accepted at the School of Visual Arts in New York, this is when I changed my major to photography. While studying photography at SVA, I found photography to be a true medium to express my thoughts and emotions. Though sometimes it may be challenging to incorporate the artistic and commercial needs into one shot, I fell in love and enjoy that demanding aspect of the industry as well. 


 After completing my studies at SVA in 2001, I returned back to Korea to put my skill to the test. Since my return, I was able to work with major vendors in various industries such as BMW, Shinsegae, Hyundai Motor Company as well as GQ and Vogue Korea. I have accumulated many skills and experiences from but not limited to, fashion, portraits, still-life, F&B, auto-motives

and architecture. I am also known to have my own unique touch and styling when it comes to my work, having roots in fine arts and communication design, it is very important to me that photography or a photograph in certain cases, is not just a technical skill or a picture. It is an art form, that can literally translate emotion and ideology into stunning visual concepts. I can say with confidence that over the past 18 years with hard work and strong motivation, I have built a successful career in the Korean photography industry.  


 When I look at all kinds of different subjects through a lens, I am not merely taking a picture but imprinting an expression with my own depth and sensibility. Now, I am about to begin the second journey and a new chapter in life as well as a professional photographer in New York. I look forward to working with creative individuals and groups from all strides, to build, join, share, express and participate in global creative communities.  




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